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Facilities in both Hainesville, IL and Bristol, WI to conveniently serve Lake, McHernry, and Kenosha Counties. Whether a large commercial customer, contractor or private party we can accommodate your recycling needs. 

Buyers of all Metals

We purchase both Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals at highly competitive prices. Turn your scrap material into cash.

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Truck Scale

Both facilities are equipped with a full drive on truck scale in order to accommodate large loads

Roll Off / Dumpster Service

We offer roll off services for both Debris and Metals

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A bag of aluminum cans, large mixed metals load, or dump full of steel we hope to provide a convenient and easy experience. With up front honest pricing to turn your scrap into cash.

Usable Material

Have a project and in need of angle iron, steel plate, I beam, aluminum, stainless sheet,  or other material?

We offer sale of such useable items to the public.

Buyers of all metals

Ferrous (Steel):

    We will accept and pay for a wide range of steel items. Appliances, Structural Steel, Sheet Iron, I beam, Hot Water Heaters,Garage Door Panels, Rotors, Steel Turnings, and more.

Non Ferrous:

    All grades of Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Electric Motors, Lead, Carbide, Batteries (Lead Acid and Lithium Ion), Nickel, Cobalt, Insulated Copper Wire, Aluminum Copper Radiators, Alternators, Starters, Computers, Circuit Boards, Catalytic Converters.

The above is just a broad overview of acceptable items. If you are uncertain about an acceptable material please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Copper Tubing

Copper Tubing

Roll Off and Dumpster service

Container Sizes

We offer 15, 20 and 30 yard containers

Construction and Demolition Debris

Demolition project?

We offer containers for C&D Debris

Cleanouts and Construction Projects

Have a large clean out? Perhaps a large remodel. We will drop you a container for your debris.

Containers for Scrap Metal

For large quantities of scrap metal we can drop a container. You fill the box and we'll pick it back up and pay you for the material inside. No charge for the box, we just offer a discounted picked up price.


Base pricing for containers used for C&D and Garbage:

15yd- $325 (3 tons of material)

20yd-$375 (4 tons of material)

30yd-$425 (5 tons of material)

There is an overage charge per ton if you exceed the allotted tonnage of the container

Order a Container

For more information or to order a dumpster please call 847-546-0039

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Clearview Recycling Hainesville, IL

216 W. Belvidere Rd, Hainesville, Illinois 60030

Phone: (847) 546-0039


Email us info@clearviewrecycling.com

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Clearview Recycling Bristol, WI

19610 86th Street, Bristol, Wisconsin 53104

Phone: 262-288-6009


Email us info@clearviewrecycling.com

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